29/04/20 - Plus de soutiens à l'action de commemoration

Journée Nationale du Souvenir des Victimes
et des Héros de la Déportation

Pour compléter les actions de commémorations de week-end, voici également les participations de Metz et de Nîmes.

Des militants de San Francisco ont également voulu soutenir l'initiative, en apportant des fleurs au Mémorial de la Shoah (Holocaust Memorial), vous pouvez retrouver plus de détails  sur la page facebook : https://www.facebook.com/addadada/media_set?set=a.10222722905847296&type=3

Nous les remercions aussi de leur soutien !


Ci-dessous la traduction en anglais du communiqué de presse de ce dimanche :

April 26th, 20 - National Day of Commemoration for the Victims and Heroes of the Deportation by the Nazi Regime

Today was marked in France as the annual National Day of Commemoration for the Victims and Heroes of the Deportation by the Nazi Regime.

Since the Mémorial de la Déportation Homosexuelle was founded in 1989, it has organized for official recognition of homosexuals sent to the concentration camps and has participated in the initiatives and ceremonies honoring the memory of all those sent to the camps.

Because of the COVID-19 public-health emergency this year, the authorities have rightly decided to avoid public gatherings and have therefore canceled the public ceremonies that customarily take place.

The MDH nonetheless wished to symbolically honor the memory of the victims. We invited our local representatives as well as other LGBTQ organizations to ask one individual to lay a single flower or a bouquet at their local monument to victims of the camps.

In several cities, this was possible because the monument is open to the public in an accessible space. In other cities where the monument is currently closed to the public, flowers were placed at the gates to the space where the monument is located. 

In some cases, the representative of the MDH was unable to leave flowers because the local monument is inside a park now closed to the public.

In all instances, our actions were carried out in strict observance of the public-health directives currently in place.

The MDH has created a montage of the photos sent by those who laid flowers at the various monuments today. By sharing the montage on social media, individuals worldwide can join in our homage to the LGBTQ victims of Nazi persecution.

This innovative approach to commemoration makes it possible to carry on the memorial tradition without interruption.

In 2020 as in previous years, whatever vagaries and difficulties we may encounter, the MDH, the other LGBTQ organizations of France, and LGBTQ people throughout the country have been present to carry on the vital memory of the past.